Production methods

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  • Production Methods
    • Job
      • Features
        • One-off, specialised production
        • Tailor made, meets specific customer requirements
        • Usually labour intensive (relies heavily on skilled workers)
      • Advantages
        • Can sell the product for a premium price
        • Worker satisfaction is high, so more motivated
      • Disadvantages
        • Requires highly skilled workers which can be expensive
        • Specialist equipment might be needed for one job, but not the next
        • Production is slow, so customers need to be willing to wait longer
    • Batch
      • Features
        • Groups of identical products made at the same time
        • Made in batches (different colours, sizes, shapes, etc.)
        • Made in stages and then assembled
      • Advantages
        • Workers can be put where they have the best skills
        • Production levels of different products can be altered to meet demand
      • Disadvantage
        • Lots of storage space needed for various parts
        • There will be downtime whilst the machines are being changed from making one product to another
    • Flow
      • Features
        • Continuous production
        • Usually mass production & capital intensive (relies heavily on machines)
      • Advantages
        • Productivity is high and so unit costs are low
        • Workers can be paid low wages because they are unskilled
      • Disadvantage
        • Boredom for workers leads to de-motivation
        • Very expensive to set up
        • Inflexible production - hard to switch to change products


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