Product Trends and Market Research

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  • Product Trends and Market Research
    • Trend Forecasts
      • Predict future fashion trends
      • Trend is when a fashion follows a direction, e.g. Denim Jackets
      • Forecasts are made far in advance
      • Designers follow trend forecasts so they know what is going to sell
      • Designers look at fashion forecast websites, attend fashion shows and trade shows
    • Target Market
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Job
    • Questionnaires
      • Closed Questions
        • Have a limited number of possible answers
        • Multiple choice questions
      • Open Questions
        • Have no set answer
        • Give people a chance to give details and opinions
        • Takes more time
    • Interviews
      • Chance to ask follow up questions
      • Give you more detailed information
      • More difficult to analyse the results
    • ICT
      • Write a questionnaire so it's neat and easy
      • Can post it on a website that your target group will use
      • Use spreadsheets to organise and sort data
      • Use the internet to look up sales figures


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