Product Liability

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  • Product Liability
    • Type of Loss
      • S5 Consumer Protection Act-Physical Loss but excludes items of value under £275.
    • Can Claimant sue?
      • S2 (1)
    • Is the Defendant a producer?
      • S1 (2)
        • Actual Manufacturer {Bogle v McDonald's Restaurant}
        • Abstractor
        • Own Brander
        • Importer
        • (Supplier if delays)
    • Product?
      • S1 (2)
        • A v National Blood Authority
    • Is the product defective?
      • S3- Claimant must prove 'the safety of the product is not such as persons generally are entitled to expect'
        • S3 (2) Considering:   -D's claims     -Packaging    -Standards    -Instructions/ Warnings       -Purpose of Product         -Time in history
    • Defences
      • S4                  -Defective to comply with law                -Product not supplied         -D not a business       -Development risk ~ not allowed in {A v National Blood Authority}


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