Product Research

product research for childrens bench with ability to hold books for group reading

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  • Product
    • Materials
      • Softwoods
        • Pine
      • Hardwoods
        • Oak
          • Durable, works well.
          • Expensive, prone to splitting (dangerous.)
        • Mahogany
          • Finishes well, durable (good for use with large groups of children) , easily worked/produced
          • More expensive than other woods eg. beech (not practical in school environment.)
        • Beech
          • Tough, polishes well (suitable for daily use, tough to withstand play (eg. being stood on)
          • Difficult to work (unsuitable for manual production?)
      • Other alternatives?
    • Assembly
      • screws/bolts to assemble pieces.
      • Hinges to attach lid/s to body of product
    • Sizes
      • Suitable for children aged 4-7 years. (5th-95th percentile)
      • How many children does the seat account for? eg. 3 seats/ 4
    • Function
      • Needs to accommodate child seating
      • Needs to hold books (15+)
      • Needs to open via working hinges
    • Safety
      • Possibility of splinters removed? eg. filing (linishing) and finishing.
      • Potential to bolt product into ground. (prevents tipping if misuse occurs.)
    • Processes
      • CNC routing?
      • Laser cutting?
      • Use of nuts & bolts
      • Manual Sawing


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