Product trial and repeat purchase

I have been finding it really hard to find detailed notes on product trial and repeat purchase and therefore created a mind map for this topic, i hope this is useful and i will be creating it for other topics too

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  • Product trial and repeat purchase
    • Product trial is when consumers buy a good for the first time and assess whether or not they want to buy it again.
    • Methods of product trial
      • Advertising: Customers are more likely to trial a product if they know about it therefore advertising is one way a customer can trial a product for the first time and be informed about its existence
      • Free samples: These allow customers to trial products by allowing customers to try the product to see if they like it and if it meet their needs. E.g. perfume or make-up in magazines
      • Free publicity: This allows a product to be promoted through giving info about the product to the general public/press.
      • Low trial prices: Just after the launch of a product a business may charge a low price for a product to attract customers attention to the new product. The price may be raised later as the product gains more market share
    • Repeat purchase is when a customer buys a product more than once.
      • Offer products at a price which represent value for money to the customer for e.g.. selling higher quality products mean the products can be charged at a premium price.
      • Good levels of customer service, satisfied customers will keep coming to the business to buy more products, they will also tell their family about the products. Word about good customer service spreads without the need for any paid advertising.
      • offering promotions  shows the customer that the business values and rewards their customer loyalty which encourages to keep coming back.
    • Important to turn the product trials into repeat purchase.


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