Graphics Designers

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  • Designers:
    • Harry Beck
      • Designed a colour coded system for the underground stations.
      • Beck's system is known as a schematic map and represents the elements of a system using graphic symbols.
    • The Alessi Company
      • Alberto Alessi's grandfather owned a homeware items show. Alberto took it over and commissioned leading architects and artists including Salvador Dali and Michael Graves.
    • Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert
      • Designed a signage system of carefully coordinated lettering, colours, shapes and symbols for Britain's new motorways.
        • The signs were clear and functional as they could be understood quickly and accurately from a fast moving car.
    • Wally Olins
      • Is one of the biggest practitioners of corporate identity and branding.
        • Including, BT, Renault, Volkswagen.
    • Robert Sabuda
      • Specialises in pop-up mechanisms.


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