Product Design & Branding/Promotion

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  • Product Design & Branding/ Promotion
    • The design mix combines 3 elements that affect how an item looks, functions & production costs
      • Function
      • Aesthetic
      • Cost
    • The design mix is always affected by social trends
      • For many consumers sustainability is important which will then affect the cost element
    • Types of promotion
      • Advertising
      • Sales
      • Digital
      • Sponsorship
      • Direct sales
      • Public relations (PR)
    • Branding is about creating a positive & recognisable image/ service in the mind of the customer
    • Promotion is designed to inform customers about the product & persuade them to buy it
    • Added value is the difference between the selling price and the cost of the additional materials
    • Unique Selling Points (USPs) are features that no competing product can match precisely


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