Contents of processor and increasing performace

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  • Things in a Processor
    • Registers
      • Program Counter
        • Incrementing counter that keeps track of the address
      • Memory Address Register
        • holds address in the memory of the next instruction to be executed
      • Memory Buffer Register
        • Holds fetched data from memory ready to be processed
      • Current Instruction Register
        • Temporary holding ground for instructions
    • Increasing Performance
      • Overclocking
        • Increasing the clock speed of the cpu so it can do more cycles a second
      • Increase bus widths
        • Allows more bits of information to be carried at once
      • Increasing word size
        • Allows to process more bits of information at once
    • Control unit
      • Inside the CPU
      • Connected to control bus
      • Fetches program code from memory
    • Arithmetic logic unit
      • Digital circuit
      • Peforms arithemetic logical operation such as adding
    • Clock
      • Measured in Hertz (each light flash)
      • Timing device that synchronizes the fetch, decode, execute cycle


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