Processes that filter our sensory information

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  • Processes that filter our sensory information
    • Sensory adaptation: a decrease in sensory response to an unchanging stimulus - our senses send fewer and fewer nerve impulses to the brain as they start adapting and the stimulus stops changing
    • selective attention: voluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input
    • Sensory gating: facilitating or blocking sensory msgs in the spinal cord
      • Pain gates: pain Melzack and Wall have a gate control theory that pain msgs from diff nerve fibers pass through the same neural gate in the spinal cord so if the gate is closed by one pain msg other msgs may not be able to pass through - msgs carried by large fast nerve fibers seem to close the spinal gate directly whereas the small, slow fibers pass through the pain gates to a central biasing system in the brain which then sends to the spinal cord  - eg - endorphin effect


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