Processes in Diary - Food Technology

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  • Processes In Diary
    • Yoghurt
      • Milk
      • Pasteurisation to destroy pathogens
      • Cooling at 40-44c - optimum temp for bacterial growth
      • Addition of starter - Lactobacillus
      • Grow over inncubation period, ferment the lactose, increase in acidity will coagulate the protein and thicken the texture
      • Give required flavour from production of diacetyl
      • Cooling at 5-8c to retard any further growth until consumption
    • Butter
      • Cream separated from milk
      • Bacteria starter culture added
      • Churning the cream
      • Butter fat + Butter milk separated
      • Working butter fat to right moisture level
      • Salt may be added
    • Ice Cream
      • Ingredients mixed together
      • Homogenised
      • Pasteurised
      • Frozen (-5c)
      • Fast freeze = small ice crystals
      • Air whipped in during freezing
      • Hardened (-40c)


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