Processes that form deposits of metalliferous ores

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  • Processes that form deposits of metalliferous ores
    • residual deposits
      • forms sedimentary ores & is source of aluminium
      • chemical weathering of granite removes soluble substances in solution to leave insoluble residue
      • need hot/humid climate for intense chemical weathering
      • clays break down and leaves hydrated oxides of iron & aluminium
    • placer deposits
      • alluvial environment
      • ore is formed from dense minerals and that are resistant to erosion
      • they are transported by rivers & deposited in meanders according to density
      • casserite is good placer mineral as chemically resistant & has a density of 7
    • secondary enrichment of copper containing ores
      • when rocks containing chalcopyrite are exposed at surface they undergo chemical weathering to cause secondary enrichment
        • metals are leached (elements dissolved from rocks) from surface rocks & precipitated just below the water table


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