Procedure for applying for Part 4 FLA 1996 Order

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  • Procedure for obtaining Non-Molestation / Occupation Orders
    • (1) Interview client and obtain full statement and instructions.
    • (2) Obtain public funding (means and merit test)
    • (3) Prepare FL401 and supporting witness statement.
    • (4) Issue FL401, sworn statement and fee.  Court allocates hearing date.
    • (5) Serve application n R if on notice (FL402).  Two clear days notice.
    • (6) Confirm service FL415.
    • (7) Prepare for hearing.
    • (8) Attend hearing
    • (9) Serve the order.
    • (10) If power of arrest  must notify police FL405.  Must also notify if NMO is granted.


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