Problems with the Provisional Government

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  • Problems with the Provisional
    • Peasants
      • Started taking the nobles land.
    • Terrible Conditions
      • Inflation and hunger got worse because the war didn’t end.
    • Goverment
      • The Petrograd Soviet was very powerful – it built up a nation-wide network of Soviets which took their orders from it.
      • he govt. was powerless to act unless the Soviet agreed
    • War
      • The Provisional Government tried to continue the war.
      • It attacked Austria in June 1917, but after initial successes, the Germans moved in and the Russians were defeated.
      • Soldiers deserted. There was a naval mutinySoldiers deserted. There was a naval mutiny
    • Kornilov
      • Kornilov tried a right-wing/ pro-Tsar army coup in August 1917.
      • Government under attack
    • Bolsheviks
      • Lenin returned and published his plans for Russia
      • They tried to take over the government by rioting in the ‘July Days’.
      • Government under attack


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