Problems of rapid urbanisation

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  • Problems of rapid urbanisation
    • Access to water and electricity
      • provision of water and electricity can'y keep up with demand
      • people burn wood for fuel
    • Employment
      • massive growth in the informal sector
      • not enough jobs for all the migrants
      • new jobs may be far from where people live
    • Transport
      • traffic congestion and pollution is a major problem everywhere
        • SMOG
      • transport problems mean everyone needs to live close to the CBD
      • building and maintaining roads and rail can't keep up with urban growth
      • transport systems are overloaded and overcrowded
    • Housing
      • lots of poor rural migrants needing housing
      • short supply pushes up prices
    • Health
      • poor living conditions, pollution, unsafe water all lead to health problems
      • provision of healthcare can't keep up with demand
    • Crime
      • Drugs
      • gangs


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