Problems for the Weimar republic

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  • Problems for the Weimar Republic (1918 - 1923)
    • The Treaty of Versailles
      • Was hated by the German people as there where harsh peace terms.
      • As the Kaiser had abdicated before signing it the Weimar republic was blamed for signing it. Actually they had no choice
      • They where branded as traitors and were knows as the 'November criminals' for stabbing their country in the back (dolchstoss)
      • Had to pay reparations causing economic trouble
    • The constitution
      • Proportional Representation meant there were many small parties
      • Coalition governments were unstable as there was little agreement - different parties want different things
      • This led to difficulties in getting laws passed
    • Hyperinflation - see other resources
    • Attacks from the left
      • The sparticist uprising in January 1919
      • It was stopped by the Weimar government with help from the freikorps
    • French  occupy the Ruhr - see other resources
    • Attacks from the Right - see other resources


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