Problems faced by the Weimar Republic (1918-1923)

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  • Problems faced by the Weimar Republic (1918-1923)
    • Defeat in WW1
      • Political Revolution - The Kaiser was forced to resign and leave the country. Soldiers mutinied in Kiel and set up communist-style soviets.
      • Economic Chaos- Germany was deep in debt, this was due to them borrowing money from different countries to pay for the war.
      • Depression and Division - Before the war, Germans were proud and ambitious. the war made them bitter and disillusioned
    • The Treaty of Versailles
      • Blame
        • Germany was blamed for the war
        • The Allies could claim compensation from Germany for the damage caused by the war
      • Land
        • Germany was split into two to give Poland access to the sea.
        • Germany lost 13% of the land, some of which contained coal which was needed for the industry
        • Germany's overseas colonies were given to the Allies
      • Money
        • Reparations had to be paid by Germany to France and Belgium who were devastated by trench warfare.
        • They had to pay reparations of £6600 million.
      • Army
        • Germany was not allowed an air force, any tanks or submarines.
        • The German army was reduced to 100,000.
        • The navy was cut to 15,000 and only 6 battleships were left.


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