problems in public health

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  • problems with public health 18-1900s
    • food
      • not a lot of variety in food
      • in 1873 there was cheaper food due to imports and because income was rising people could afford it
        • better quality
      • people had an overall better quality of life
      • 1873 imported food began growing wealth - price of food dropped when cheap grain came
      • 1867 working class men vote
      • 1860 the pure food act to prevent the adulteration of food
    • waste
      • brick cess pools under toilets
        • if the government didn't pay the cess pools will overflow and infect water
      • waste was added to the thames
        • people would drink from here
          • cholera
      • night soil men collected waste and sold it
      • only one toilet per street
        • overflowing
        • upper and middle used flushing toilets
      • 1861 pasteurs germ theory
      • 1875 public health act
      • 1872 benjamin disraeli
      • 1858 thames dried up and smell was unbearable
        • the MP's decided action had to be taken
    • water
      • the water wasn't clean because the waste was being put into sources
      • didn't have an appropriate sewing system
      • middle class could filter their water
      • water was dirty from smoke filled sky
      • 1854 john snow
      • 1854 cholera germ identified
      • 1866 another outbreak of cholera
      • 1875 public health act
    • housing
      • overpopulation - cramped
      • houses built close together
      • little or no ventilation
      • poor people had to cram in one room
      • 1855 john simon


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