Problems the new German State may face

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  • Problems the new German State faced
    • People were not used to voting for the chancellors, so they were uneducated
    • Rebellions had anger and resentment as they preferred to be a dictatorship
    • Different cultures mixed into one- some may not have liked change
      • Class, social and religious divisions
        • 60% of the population were Protestant and Catholics lived in different parts of Germany
        • Poles, Danes and the French now lived in the new German state: different cultures now mixed
        • Economic and social divisions caused disunity as it prevents the feeling of 'all in it together'. Such as the rich and the poor or the industrialists in the North and agriculture in the South
    • Creating new jobs and maintaining them for the growing population
    • Not all states wanted unity because of disagreements on leadership
      • Some didn't want to answer to Bismark
    • Media: propaganda management to make the new German state look strong and powerful to persuade people to like it
    • Problems in communication
    • Management of industrialization and urbanisation
    • Financial issues caused by the high cost of putting the Constitution together
    • Military necessities


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