favelas case study

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  • problems in an LEDC: Rio
    • crime
      • associated with organised crime violence and drugs
      • richer people moving to places like Barra da Tijuca (safer)
      • tourists warned to not wear valuables on beach
      • no police in favelas
      • ruled by drug gangs
    • housing
      • half a million homeless
      • over 1 million live in favelas (poor housing)
      • overpopulated. Rocinha 100000 people
      • houses built from available materials. they are weak and likely to fall down
      • built on steep hillsides
      • rain can cause flash floods that wash away houses
        • 1988 storm killed 200 people
    • traffic
      • mountains force traffic along a limited number of routes
      • pollution. 24hr noise
    • pollution
      • industrial haze made worse by traffic fumes
      • waste not collected. polluting water supply
        • cholera outbreak 1992


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