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  • Problems and Solutions
    • Software Freeze
      • This can be very damaging and proves that you should save your work regularly.
      • If this happens you can press 'Crl Alt Del' and open the Task Manager and press 'End Task'
    • Error Dialogues
      • When a diologe box appears, the computer is trying to tell you that you have made a mistake.
        • You need to follow he instructions on the screen.
    • Storage Full
      • Memory space is limited and when you save too much work it will become full.
      • You would need to save some work onto an external storage device and delete it or just delete some files to release some spare space.
    • Printer Paper Jam
      • The paper in your printer will pass from the holding bay to the finishing tray and along the way there will be certain parts of the printer that will allow access if paper gets stuck
        • If this happens you can gently pull out the paper in the direction of the printer rollers and avoid tearing it
    • Un-installing Software
      • Using the delete option here will only partially remove the programme files.
      • Many programmes come with tools to un-installation.
        • Programmes can be removed by accessing the operating system's Control Panel, such as Windows or an equivalent.


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