Problem Of evil

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  • Problem of Evil
    • Augustine
      • 354-430
      • Trained in Milan as a Rhetorist
      • Came under the influence of Neo-Platonists.
      • Based on the Genesis account of creation
      • God made a perfect world, Evil did not exist.
      • God saw all that he had made, and it was very good"(Genesis 1:31)
      • He believed evil came about as a result of the misuse of free will
      • "God let's evil be permitted for the punishment of the wicked and the trail of the good"
      • Evil is the privation of good, just as darkness is the absence of light.
      • Evil did not come from God(whom is all good)
      • At the end of time, we will be judged. Good will be rewarded and Evil will be punished.
        • The good will experience eternal happiness, the evil will receive their just punishments.
      • Fall of the angels, Lucifer chose to rebel against God.
      • Evil came from the entities that turnt their back on God. They settle fr lesser gooods instead of the Supreme good.
    • Irenaeus
      • Early 2nd Century
      • Bishop during early stages of the development of Christian threodicy
      • His best known book was called 'Adversus Haereses'
      • Based most of his work against Gnnosticism
      • God brings in suffering for the benefit of humanity, from it we learn postitive values.
      • Heaven and hell are important because it enables humans to achieve perfection
      • Humans were created in the image and likeness of God.
      • John Hick
        • Epistemic Distance- Distance of knowledge e.g. we have to learn to get closer to God.
        • God cannot be controlling us, we must distance our self from God to be free.
        • Hick argues that if humans were created perfect and with full awareness of god we could not exercise our free will.
        • Soul-Making theodicy
        • "An imperfect world is limitlessly more valuable than a goodness ready made"
    • Key characteristics of God
    • Natural and Moral evil(justifications)
    • The story of the Fall
    • Inconsistent Triad
    • Examples of evil in the news.


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