Problem of Evil

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  • Problem of evil
    • the problem of evil is the problem of suffering.
      • J.L Mackie
        • Inconsistent Triad is a theory in which neither God's Omnipotence, God's Omni- benevolence and evil can exist in tandem.
          • "The conjunction of any two leads to the negation of the third".
    • Natural and moral evil
      • Natural evil is going wrong of the natural world (i.e.  Tsunami's, earthquakes etc)
      • Moral evil is evil brought on by human action (i.e. War)
    • Augustinian Theodicy
      • Augustine took a very literal view of the bible. Hence he believed that God created Earth.
        • Augustine also believed that the world was created perfectly.
          • Friedrich Schleiermacher
            • "How can a perfectly created world go wrong?"
      • In Augustine's mind evil only occurs when beings with freewill disobey God. (beings with free will in this case are angels and humans).
        • Humans stopped doing what we were created for, this therefore lead to 'The Fall", this brought with it the two types of evil.
          • In the bible this  is depicted in the story of Adam and Eve.
            • Augustine believed that Adam's sin was passed onto all humans because we were 'Seminally present'.
              • Adam's sin is known as the original sin
      • Evil is not something God created. Evil is the going wrong wrong of something which is inherently good.
        • Hence Augustine labelled evil as the privation of good.
      • If God was truly just we would all go to ho hell for our sins.
        • However due to God's Omni-Benevolence he sent Jesus down to die as a sacrifice.
          • Anyone who believed in God after this point could be saved.
    • Irenean Theodicy
      • Humanity are the children of God
        • We are created in the image of God so that over our life time we can attain the likeness of God.
          • To attain the true likeness of God a level of cooperation is required henceforth we were given freewill.
          • God created a world that was "The best for growth and development of people".
          • According to John Hick we could not have been created perfectly because we would automatically love God. This would remove our freewill; Hick called this the Goodness of Robots.
      • God has stood back and let humanity exercise their freewill for Good or Evil because if God that freedom would've been lost.
      • Humans were created from an epistemic distance from God. This is so that we have choice when it comes to believing and obeying God.


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