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  • Probability
    • expressions of probability
      • fraction
      • decimal
      • percentage
    • experimental probability
      • relative frequency = number of favourable outcomes / total number of trials
        • relative frequencies are probabilities based on experiments
    • theoretical probability
      • number of favourable outcome / total number of outcomes
    • probability of an event not happening
      • the probability of an event + probability of event not happening=1
    • mutually exclusive events
      • cannot happen at the same time
    • tables or frequency trees can be used to show all outcomes and data about them
    • Probability is the likelihood or chance of an event occurring. Probability = the number of ways of achieving success. the total number of possible outcomes.
    • events
      • certain
        • p=1
      • impossible
        • p=0
      • likely
      • unlikely
    • combined events
      • when >=2 events happen at the same time
    • Venn diagrams
      • show mathematical relationship between sets of data
      • ? means is an element of a set
      • { } are used to list members of a set
      • A ? B = intersection = the set of all elements that are in both set A and B
      • A ? B = union = set of all elements that are in either set A or set B or in both sets


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