Pro-social behaviour - Developmental Factors

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  • Pro-social Behaviour - Developmental Factors
    • McKenna & Ossoff (1998)
      • Asked children aged 4-10 about moral messages in an episode of power rangers
      • Most of the children understood there was a lesson to be learned, but only 8-10 year olds could identify it.
      • Younger children focused on fighting.
      • Study supports the developmental factors explanation as the children's age influences the understandingof moral messages
      • Large age range
      • Lab experiment - low external validity
      • High control of variables
    • Rosenketter (1999)
      • Found that when interviewed only 1/3 of year 1's grasped the moral idea behind the episode of either the Cosby Show or Full house, but 1/2 of year 3's managed to grasp it.
      • Supports the developmental factors theory as it proves that age is important in determining the media's influence.
      • Lacks external validity - lab experiment
      • May be social desirability from interview
      • Culture bias as it was done in the USA so it cannot be generalised worldwide
      • Does have a high control of variables


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