Religious Education - Abortion - Pro-choice vs Pro- life

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  • Pro-choice vs Pro-life
    • Pro-choice
      • a woman is the one who carries the baby therefore she has a right to end the pregnancy
      • the baby's life does not begin until its born which displays the woman has greater rights
      • risks to the mothers health outweighs the baby
      • circumstances should be considered, the woman may not be able to cope emotionally or financially
      • adoption may be an alternative to abortion
    • Pro-life
      • Depression and guilt may be triggered by abortion
      • it can leave both mental and physical scars
      • abortion may be used as a form of contraception to avoid responsibilites
      • disabled people can still have the same quality of life as others
      • each person is unique and can offer something to life
      • unwanted children can be adopted
      • United Declaration Nations of Rights states, ' Children need protection before and after a birth'


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