Privatisation of education

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  • Privatisation of Education
    • Cola- isation of schools
      • The private sector is generating education indirectly
      • schools are targeted by private companies because they are kind of product support
        • Through vending machines on school premises and development of brand loyalty through displays of logos and sponsorships, this has been called cola -isation of schools.
    • Blurring the Boundaries
      • Many senior officials in the public sector now leave to set up or work for private sector education businesses.
        • These companies the bid for contracts to provide services to school and local authorise.
    • Globalisation
      • In a globalised work, these are often brought by overseas companies
      • Many contracts for educational services in the uk are sold on by the original company to others such as banks and investment funds.
    • Education as a commodity
      • In the process, education is being turned into a legitimate object of private profit making a commodity to be brought and sold in an education market
      • Policy is increasingly focused on moving educational services out of the public sector controlled by the nation-state, to be provided by private companies instead.
    • The transfer of public assets such as schools to private companies
    • Examples
      • Many private companies in the education services industry are foreign owned= Exam board edexel.
      • Private companies are exploring UK education policies to other countries and then providing the services to deliver the policy
      • Nation-states are becoming less important in policy maker, which is shifting to a global love and which is also often privatised
    • Endogenous
      • Privatisation within education system as schools, collages and unit become like private businesses
      • Takes ideas and techniques from private sectors; local management (little control form the state)
        • Teachers paid according to how well they and students do
        • Funding formulas (schools funded by number of students they attract)
    • Exogenous
      • Privatisation outside the education system
      • involves opening up state education to private profit making businesses
      • Suggest it involves UK an international companies taking over things like
        • School services; staff training, development,transport
        • Management of schools
        • School inspections
        • Branding of schools
        • Examination system


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