Privation and disruption of attachment

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  • Disruption of attachment
    • Privation and Disruption of attachment AO1
      • Privation
        • Hodges and Tizard
          • Natural/ 65 children/ past institutional care/ when younger then 4 months
            • 16/ adoption= attached/ returned= struggled more/ both=peer problems and  seeking
        • Czech twins
          • 7 years locked up by step mother/unable to talk/ 14= normal/ 20=above normal and relationships
        • Genie
          • Locked in room by father/13/ beaten/ sexual assaulted
            • Never recovered socially/physical damage/ retarded
        • Rutter et al
          • 100 romanian orphans/ adopted by UK families/ all recovered/ problems with peers after 6 months
    • Spitz and Wolf
      • observation/ 100 children/ depression after months of institution
    • Robertson and Robertson
      • Natural/ six children younger than 3/ Laura=hospital/ John= residential nursery/ Jane, Lucy, Thomas,Kate= Robinsons home
        • Laura&John= depressions and anger out bursts/ Other= coped well and returned happy


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