Hindu Private Worship

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  • Private Worship
    • The home is more important to hindus as it is where they mainly stay. It is where the children grow up and take up the family tradition.
    • The children are going to be the carriers of religion and culture
    • A niches is a corner in the wall or a small shrine in which the images of God and Goddesses
    • Different Hindus pray to different Gods and Godesses
    • 1)To carry out mediation or yoga
    • 2)To show respect and offer worship frequently to the family's god
    • 3) To show an unquestioning respect for the elders ancestors of the family
    • 4) To extend the hospitality of the family to all those who are needy, and to holy men and women
    • 5)To display  respect and kindness to all living creatures


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