principles of training

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  • Principles of training
    • PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD- gradually increasing the amount of work in training so that fitness gains occur, but without injury potential
      • EXPLANATION- You need to gradually increase intensity in training so that the body continues to increase fitness.
    • SPECIFICITY- matching training to the particular requirements of an activity
      • EXPLANATION- you must make sure your training is appropriate for your sport so you are training the right muscles and body systems.
    • INDIVIDUAL- matching the training to the requirements of the indivdual person.
      • EXPLANATION- its important the training is appropriate for the person as everyone is different. e.g higher levels of fitness.
    • REST AND RECOVERY-  rest is a period of time taken for recovery to take place and recvovery is the time required for the repair of damage from training.
      • EXPLANATION- making sure that there is enough time between training so adaptations can take place and damage can repair.


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