Principles of the British constitution

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  • Principles of the British constitution
    • Parliamentary sovereignty
      • Legislate on any subject
        • Equality of legislation
      • Cannot bind its successor
      • Cannot be overturned.
        • Parliament ACT (1911)
    • Rule of law
      • State action is limited and responsible
      • Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law
      • Citizens can take government to court
      • Liberal democracy
        • Civil liberties
        • Human rights Act (1998)
    • Unitary state
      • Britain is unitary constitution
      • Power centralised
      • Not accurate for UK- UK came together in different ways.
      • Devolution
    • Parliamentary government in a constitutional monarchy
      • Ministers partially accountable to crown.
      • Elections every 5 years
      • Glorious revolution 1689- supremacy of Parliament
      • Single party governments common


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