Prime Minister and Core Executive

Mind Map on key points on Prime Minister and Core Executive

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  • Prime Minister and Core Executive
    • PM's Powers
      • Patronage
        • Ideological balance, botched reshuffles
        • Allies in key roles
      • Authority in Cabinet System
        • bilaterals, committees, steers discussions
        • senior ministers may challenge PM
      • Agenda Setting
      • Party Leadership
        • Authority
        • Party support not conditional
      • Public Standing
        • Communicator in chief, national leader
        • Unpopularity undermines authority
      • Policy-making input
        • directs policy
        • Must articulate vision, lacks time and expertise
      • PM's Office
        • Advice and support
        • Limited resources
    • Cabinet's Role
      • Registering decisions
      • Discussing or deciding major issues
      • Reports and discussions
      • Settling disputes
      • Cabinet Committees
      • 'Kitchen Cabinet'
      • Cabinet Office
    • Cabinet Ministers Resignation
      • Mistakes within dept.
      • Policy Failure
      • Political Pressure
      • Personal Misconduct
    • Executive Power
      • Cabinet Govt.
      • PM Gov.
      • Core Executive Model
        • Power is shared between actors = mutually dependent on each other
        • PM's resources have increased but there are also restrictions e.g. EU
        • PM is predominant figure but only leads, doesn't direct the executive


Michael parker


This is great, really helpful!

Old Sir


This is a useful overview of the role of the PM. It provides a large number of important prompts from which students might research examples and case studies with which to exemplify answers and develop discussion. I have tried to use the edit tool to an the prefix un in the box on the right, referring to party support, which of course is not unconditional, but was unsuccessful.

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