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  • Pride and Prejudice - Other characters
    • Colonel Forster
      • Good-natured, responsible man
      • Tries to do all he can to help the Bennets recover Lydia after her elopement with Wickham
      • The elopement wasn't his fault but Lyida was in his care
        • Didn't observe her conduct very well
    • Mrs Forster
      • Wife of Colonel Forster
      • She becomes friends with Lydia and invites her to spend the summer wit h them in Brighton
      • Clearly not very responsible in her supervision of Lydia
      • A frivolous character
    • Mr Wickham
      • An officer in the regiment stationed at Meryton
      • Quickly judged to be a perfectly good amiable man
        • His appearance is deceptive
          • His true nature shows through his attachment to Miss King for pure mercenary purposes
          • Lies to Lizzy about Darcy's exposition of his past
          • He deceives Lydia to believe her intends to marry her
      • Handsome, well-mannered
      • He grew up with Darcy
      • A selfish layabout, after spending a lot of money given to him by Darcy tries to elope with Darcy's 15 year old sister to get money
      • No feelings for anyone except himself


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