Pride and Prejudice - Bingley & family

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  • Pride and Prejudice - Bingley & family
    • Charles Bingley
      • Amiable and good tempered, modest
        • Easy going and likable, not a snob
      • Not concerned with class differences
      • Rich, money comes from fathers business
      • Easily swayed by advice from friends
        • Not strong minded
      • His character and love for Jane stays constant
      • Lacks serious character faults
      • Friends with Mr Darcy
    • Caroline Bingley
      • Superficial and selfish
      • Panders to Darcy in an attempt to win his effections
      • Tries to prevent the marriage of Jane and Bingley
      • Pretends to be a genuine friend to Jane but is rude to her when she comes to London
        • As well as Darcy's attachment to Lizzy by ridiculing the family
      • Charles Bingley's sister
    • Mrs Hurst
      • No real affection or esteem for her husband
      • Bingley's other sister
      • Character matches her sister
    • Mr Hurst
      • Does nothing but eat, sleep and play cards
      • Only concerned with quality of food
      • indolent man
      • Never says an intelligent word


Paul Dutton


A good, detailed mind map on the family.  Good for some quick revision.

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