Pride and prejudice - background

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  • Pride and prejudice - background
    • Jane Auston
      • She was born in Steventon, in 1775.
      • Her farther, was the rector of the local parish and taught mostly at home
      • She began to write during her teens but the original pride and prejudice was rejected in 1797
        • Pride and prejudice was finally published in 1813
      • She went on to publish four more novels
      • Only her immediate family knew that she was a author
    • Her work
      • Austen is often critical of the assumptions and prejudices of upper-class England
      • She also distinguishes between internal merits and external merits
      • Austen was a realist as she shows how the classes are separated and the upper-class look down on the lower
      • Men were expected to go into the military, chrurch or law
        • Women were expected to marry
      • Although women in Austen's day had more freedom in picking their husband, practical consideration limited their options
    • Crtisicim
      • She is accused of only portraying a limited world
        • She only shows the middle and upper class.
      • She was aware of the poor but only wrote about her life
      • When she showed the lower class, they are generally servants
      • This lack of interest into the poor is shared by almost all of England
      • Pride and prejudice was barely noticed by critics while she was alive
        • Critics who eventually reviewed it in the early part of the nineteenth century praised Austen's characterizations and portrayal of everyday life
    • Plot/ inspiration
      • Her favourite writer was Dr Samuel Jackson
        • He was the great model of the eighteenth century classicism and reason
      • Her plot often featured characters forging their respective ways through the social hierachy
      • She also displays an ambiguity about emotion and an appreciation for intelligence
      • The inspiration for pride and prejudice was her first love, her relationship with him was very similar to Elizabeth and mr Darcy however they never married


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