Prevention of Injury

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  • Prevention of Injury
    • Warm up
      • prepares body for physical activity
      • heart rate increases
      • body temperature rises
    • Clothing
      • Allowing sweat to evaporate and give off heat
      • Wearing layers in cold conditions
      • Some  clothes will restrict movement
      • joints could get injured/ athletes foot/ cold related illness
    • Safety Equipment
      • Helmets/ gloves
      • Protecting skin/ protecting from breaks or cuts
    • Playing Area
      • Litter/ cleaning up area/ flat surface
      • weather/ ground conditions (e.g. mud)
      • Inspected by ref/official, maintained by groundsman
    • Equipment
      • e.g. a boat could capsize
      • e.g. race cars checked and having pitstops
      • accidents could end a career
    • Transporting Equipment
      • could cause injury if not carried properly
      • e.g. shot-put could injure arms/ back/ shoulder
      • Sharp objects (e.g. arrow) cam be dangerous


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