Impacts of earthquakes and volcanoes

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  • Impacts
    • Why are some Earthquakes more dangerous than others?
      • Population Density
        • Larger population density means more deaths and injuries
      • Geology
        • Effect is less on solid rock and greater on weak sands and clays
      • Building Design
        • Many deaths are because of poor building design.
      • Depth of the Earthquake
        • The closer the focus to the Earth's surface the greater the damage
      • Wealth of the Country
        • More money available the less damaging the earthquake
          • Good communications, emergency supplies like water, food, medicine and shelter.
      • The Power of the Earthquake
        • Measured with the Richter scale
        • Above 6.0 often results in some damage
    • Reducing impacts
      • Defences
        • Detonating explosives can disrupt lava flows
        • Spraying large volumes of water can cool an advancing lava flow
        • Construction of earth walls can deflect lava.
      • Education
        • In the USA, Federal Emergency Management Agency gives info on how to prepare for earthquakes
          • Check for hazards; identify safe spaces; educate yourself
          • Have disaster supplies; emergency communication plan; help community
        • In Japan on Sept 1st they have Disaster Prevention Day. They practice emergency drills/evacuation as part of the back to school routine


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