Preventing Food Spoilage

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  • Preventing Food Spoilage
    • Heat Treatment
      • In Ultra Heat Treatment, a high temp (140+ degrees) and high pressure destroy bacteria and any potential spores
      • Temp. around 110 degrees for 10 mins will kill most micro-organisns
      • Foods:    UHT = milk, wine
    • Low pH
      • Denatures enzymes used to break-down food and proteins in micro-organisms' structures
      • Vinegar (ethanoic acid) often used    Foods: pickles, sauerkraut, etc.
    • Low Temperatures
      • Temp. around 4 degrees (in most fridges) slows growth of micro-organisms
      • Temp. around -18 degrees (most freezers) will freeze micro-organism cells and prevent them from growing
      • 'Freeze dried' foods are frozen in a vacuum so any water evaporates. Kills micro-organisms
      • Foods: Cooled = dairy     frozen = fish, meat   freeze-dried = fruit
    • Low Water-Potential
      • Salting used - ham, bacon, pastrami, fish, etc.
      • Causes water to move out of micro-organism cells, killing them or preventing them from growing
      • Sugar used - jams and marmalades
    • Irradiation
      • Ionising radiation, such as gamma rays, penetrate food and kills micro-organisms by breaking bonds in proteins and DNA
      • May change chemicals in food. Heath effects mostly unknown.
      • Foods: herbs, fruit, prawms


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