Preventing Unwanted Energy Transfer

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  • Preventing Unwanted Energy Transfer
    • Radiator Blocking
      • Used to stop radiation transfer
        • Shiny foil that prevents heat radiation from heating wall and losing energy
    • Curtains
      • Convectional And Radiation
        • Prevents draught from leaving the house through windows
    • Cavity Wall
      • Convection
        • Plastic foam that prevents heat loss in bricks
    • Double Glazing
      • Conduction
        • Extra pane with air between to help keep energy insulated inside the house
    • Loft Insulation
      • Convection
        • Contains trapped air which forms and insulating layer which reduces heat loss
    • Draught Excludes
      • Convection
        • Hairy/Spongy strips that close gaps between door to help reduce heat loss.


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