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    • 1.pluralism
      • the founding fathers meeting in Philadelphia did not talk about PGs
    • 2. types of pressure groups
      • institutional and membership
      • sectional and cause
    • 4. reasons for joining a pressure group
      • material benefits
        • NRA- American hunter. AARP discount card
      • solidarity benefits
        • social benefits of interacting with like minded people
          • bird watcher joining National Audubon society
      • purposive benefits
        • to try to make their society or even the world a better place
          • eg. joining Amnesty
    • 5. methods used by pressure groups
      • electioneering and endorsement
      • lobbying
      • publicity
    • 6. the impact of pressure groups on issues
      • civil rights for african americans
      • environmental proection
      • women's rights
      • gun control
      • abortion rights
    • 8. regulation of pressure groups
    • 9.arguments for pressure groups
      • educate bureaucrats
      • broaden participation
      • increase accountability
      • representation
    • 10.arguments against pressure groups
      • the revolving door syndrome
      • iron triangle syndrome
      • inequality
      • special interestsv public interest
      • buying political influence
      • direct action
    • an organised interest group in which members hold similar beliefs and actively pursue ways to influence the government. Unlike political parties that seek to win control of govt, PGs are principally interested in influencing those who determine policy
    • 3.functions of PGs
      • representation
      • aid citizen participation
      • public education
      • programme monitoring- hold govt to account in implemention of policies
      • agenda building
    • 7. the impact of PG on government
      • congress
      • executive
      • judiciary
      • state government


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