Pressure Groups in America

Key ideas on pressure groups in America

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  • Pressure Groups
    • How are pressure groups categorised?
      • Institutional PGs (represent other groups)
      • Membership PGs (represent individuals)
    • What are the functions of pressure groups?
      • Representation
      • Aid Citizen Participation
      • Enhance Public Education
      • Agenda Building
      • Programme Monitoring
    • How do pressure groups operate?
      • Electioneering and Endorsement
      • Lobbying
      • Publicity
      • Organising grassroots activities
    • What is the political significance of pressure groups?
      • Civil Rights for African Americans
      • Environmental Protection
      • Women's rights
      • Abortion Rights
      • Gun Control
    • How do pressure groups relate with the three branches of the federal government?
      • Congress
        • Contact with them directly or senior staff
        • Congressional committees
        • Organise constituents
        • Publish voting record
      • Executive
        • 'Lapdogs'
        • May be courted by WH
      • Judiciary
        • Interest in appointment process
        • amicus curiae briefings
        • ABA
        • Bring cases forward


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