Outsider and Insider pressure groups

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  • Pressure Groups
    • Outsider
      • Do not get involved in the consultation process
        • Maybe because the government deem them to be too radical, or because of the groups own choice
      • Usually take indirect action. Attempting to influence policy outside of the government, mobilising public opinion and support to get their point across.
      • Eg. Fathers 4 Justice- who campaigned for equal parenting rights.
    • Insider
      • Have strong links with decision makers and are regularly consulted on ares of policy.
      • Work inside the government with MP's, peers and committees.
      • They may have access to the government because it wants to be seen as 'listeners of the public' and down to earth.
      • Eg. The snowdrop Campaign- fought to ban the private ownership of handguns.


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