Pressure groups

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  • Pressure groups
    • how do they vary?
      • resources available
        • status as an insider or outsider group
          • INSIDER
            • Negotiate quietly behind the scenes
              • use private contacts in Whitehall
            • E.g. National Farmers Union
            • Rely on contacts with ministers and civil servants to achieve their aims.
          • OUTSIDER
            • email campaigns and petitions
              • staging demonstrations and publicity stunts
                • e.g. BLM
            • not consulted by the government
      • lobby MPs
        • briefing them on issues of concern
          • evidence to committees
    • More influence from certain pressure groups?
      • Resources
      • Tactics and leadership
        • RSPCA banned hunting with dogs in 2004
          • Collaborating with league against cruel sports and international fund for animals
        • which access points in the UK to target
      • Public support
      • Government attitudes
    • Groups
      • Sectional/ interest
        • seek to promote the interests of an occupation or another group for society
          • e.g. Law society is open to solicitors in England and wales
          • trade unions represent members in negotiations w employers over wages+ conditions
      • cause/ promotional
        • focus on achieving a particular goal or drawing attention to an issue or group of related issues
        • e.g. greenpeace
      • social movement
        • similar to cause groups
          • but more loosely structured
        • e.g. Camps for Climate Action


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