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    • the powers of the president-(laid out in article II of the constitution)
      • propose legislation
      • submit the annual budget
      • sign legislation
      • veto legislation
      • act as chief executive
      • nominate executive branch officials
      • nominate all federal judges
      • act as commander in chief
      • negotiate treaties
      • pardon
    • powers of the vice president
      • the constitution gave 4 powers to VP
        • preceding officer of the senate but it is usually a function VP rarely performs, deputes junior members of its chamber to chair debates
        • task fo counting then announcing results of electoral college
          • gore had to announce his own defeat
        • granted power to break tied vote in senate
          • only been used 19 times. Cheney had to following tax cuts. Quayle never used it
        • becomes president is president dies or resigns
    • the cabinet
      • advisory group selected by the president. constitution said president may need help
    • the federal bureaucracy
      • by 2006 FB has 2.7 million employees and an annual payroll of over 13 billion $. 11% based in DC. Oklahoma city bombing 1995
      • problems of the federal bureaucracy
        • clientelism
        • imperialism
        • parocriialism
        • incramentalism
        • arbitariness
        • iron triangles
        • going native
        • inefficiency
    • The executive office of the president
      • top staff agencies that give the president help and advise in carrying out major duties of their office
      • white house office-pres most trusted aides WHO is responsible for several
    • Theories of presidential power
      • imperial presidency
        • N korea invaded S Truman sent US troops with out congressional authorisation.
      • imperilled
        • follow from Nixons resignation, Bush following 2000 election.
      • bifurcated
        • Clinton northern Ireland or eastern Europe genocide.
    • limits on presidential power
      • supreme court- declare acts unconstitutional. Nixon + Clinton
      • - public opinion  -pressure groups-the media - federal bureaucracy


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