The Presidency

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  • Presidency
    • What are formal powers of the president?
      • Propose Legislation
      • Submit annual budget
      • Sign legislation
      • Veto legislation
      • Act as Chief Executive
      • Nominate executive branch officials
      • Nominate all federal judges
      • Act as commander-in-chief
      • Negotiate treaties
      • Pardon
    • How important is the VP?
      • Role of fed govt has grown = so has VPs
        • Attracted more significant people to the office
        • Taken on new roles
      • Major spokesperson
      • Washington-insider
    • What problems does the pr face in dealing with the fed bureaucracy?
      • Clientelism
      • Imperialism
      • Parochialism
      • Incrementalism
      • Inefficiency
    • What is the cabinet and how important is it?
      • An advice-giving group selected by the pr, membership of which is determined by tradition and pr discretion
      • Independently the members are very important, as a group not so much
    • What role is played by EXOP?
      • Provide help, advice, coordination and admin support to the pr
    • How can the pr get his way with Congress?
      • Persuasion through other people - VP, Office of Legislative Affairs, Cabinet members, party leadership in Congress
      • Presidential persuasion e.g. phonecall
    • What is the pr's relation with SC?
      • SC can declare pr actions unconstitutional
      • Pr appoints members
    • What factors may limit or enhance pr power?
      • Congress
      • SC
      • Public Opinion
      • Pressure Groups
      • Media
      • Federal Bureacracy
      • Professional reputation
      • Quality of staff
      • Level of unity of party
      • Crisis


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A clear and useful mind map which highlights issues and potential questions. It could be used to extend notes by including examples and evidence to support discussions aimed at gaining AO2 marks, (evaluation and analysis).

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