Presentational Devices Pt.3

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  • Presentational Devices
    • Colour
      • Colour is used it REINFORCE the message. Colours can have 'symbolic' meaning.
        • Bright; Vivid; Bold; Pastel
        • Dark; Gloomy; Cold; Warm.
      • Look for how the reader uses colour that links in with the text.
        • Eye- Catching; Attraction
    • Italics
      • Used to draw attention to certain words or phrases.
    • Bold
      • Thick, dark print used to highlight important points
    • Layout
      • How images and texts have been laid out or arranged
        • Cluttered; Simple
      • Comment on the POSITION of the images and text.
        • Sections; Panels
      • Comment on the AMOUNT of text compared to images
      • A DVD cover will rely more heavily on the visual impact of pictures than on written text. A leaflet might have more written text because its purpose is to inform.


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