The Presentation of Women in "As you Like it"

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  • Presentation of women
    • Rosalind
      • Presented as bawdy for a woman
      • Lacks socially appropriate sense of propriety
      • Lots of humour/innuendos
      • Ganymede
        • Adopts the role for protection
          • Masculinity
        • Characteristics not frowned upon
    • Context
      • Weaker sex
      • Temptresses (Adam & Eve)
      • Homemakers
      • Could not be educated past a certain level
      • Didn't usually have a say in who they married
        • All women in this play marry for love and out of choice
    • Celia
      • Fair /effeminate
      • Weaker than Touchstone & Rosalind
        • "I would rather bear with you than bear you"
      • Hardly speaks after act 4
    • Phoebe
      • Spiteful/Evil
      • Parodies courtly love
    • Audrey
      • Not too intelligent
      • Temptress for Touchstone


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