Present Tense

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  • Present Tense
    • Er Verb Endings
      • Je: e, Tu: es, Il/elle/on: e, Nous: ons, Vous: ez, Ils/elles: ent
    • Ir Verb Endings
      • Je: is, Tu: is, Il/elle/on: it, Nous: issons, Vous: issez, Ils/elles: issent
    • Re Verb Endings
      • Je: s, Tu: s, Il/elle/on: nothing, Nous: ons, Vous: ez, Ils/elles: ent
    • Reflexive Verbs
      • Same endings as Er verbs
      • me, te, se, nous, vous, se
        • add before verb
    • Doesn't apply for all verbs- irregular verbs e.g. avoir


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