Pedicting Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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  • Predicting Volcanoes
    • Use GPS technology to check for bulging magma in volcanoes - tiltmeter
    • Gas sampling - Changes in gas composition indicates activity below - spectrometer
    • Geothermal monitoring from space
    • Seismic monitoring - small earthquakes sometimes happen before volcanoes errupt
    • Looking at past eruptions to see if there is a pattern
    • Water levels and water temperature can change
  • Predicting Earthquakes
    • Water levels can rise in wells and lakes - liquifaction
    • Rise in electrical discharge
    • History of earthquakes - pattern
    • Forshocks before the main quake detected by a seismeter
    • Use satalites to detect movement
    • GPS in bous for tsunamis
    • Laser beams in crust along fault line to detect movement
    • Animals can act strangely
    • A tiltmeter can check movement in rocks


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