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  • Preludes
    • Form
      • Split into four sections, or "Preludes."
    • Context
      • Talks about Eliot's hatred of society
    • Lines
      • Part I
        • 1-4
          • 'Steaks' bring ideas of richness and indulgence to mind, however, they produce a smoke, which could be hiding or deceiving
        • 5-8
          • Takes an even more negative tone by describing a "grimy" and  "vacant" street.
        • 9-13
          • Bring in the idea of poorness as it speaks of "broken blind and chimney-pots"
            • Continues the unpleasant imagery of the street.
      • Part II
        • Lines 14-18
          • Describes the early morning scene of the workers who lived in the "passageways" of the last stanza.
            • Continues with the theme of dirt. "muddy feet," covers the "sawdust -trampled street."
        • Lines 19-23
          • "Masquerades" and "shades" suggest hiding. From what? Their poorness? Link to idea of steak smoke. Or maybe from their "jobs."
          • Suggests red light district: "dingy shades in a thousand furnished rooms."
      • Part III
        • Lines 24-27
          • Strong sexual connotations . The "sordid images" could link to her prostitution and the "thousand" shades from the Part II.
        • 33-38
          • "The street hardly understands," because the woman is just one of many who are clasping the feet of "yellow soles" "in the palms of soiled hands."
      • Part IV
        • Sums up the poem by continuing with the idea that everyone is part of a collective consciousness
  • Takes an even more negative tone by describing a "grimy" and  "vacant" street.


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