Prelude No.15 in Db Major

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  • Prelude No.15 in D flat major - Frederic Chopin.
    • Context
      • one of 24 preludes, composed in 1839,
      • Composed in the romantic period, where music is more emotive. rich chromatic harmonies and lots of dissonance.
        • modulation between keys and pieces of music are a lot longer
    • Instrumentation
      • written for the piano and uses the middle and lower range
    • Dynamics
      • focus on the legato tone
      • there is a wide range of dynamics (pp-ff) and lots of crescendos and diminuendos
        • no sudden contrast or changes
    • Structure Ternary Form(ABA)
      • Section A
        • Db major quavers in the left hand and melody in the right hand
      • Section B
        • C# minor quavers in the right hand and melody in the left hand
      • Section A1
        • Db major but finishes with a brief coda.
    • Rhythm
      • 4/4 throughout, use of septuplet in bars 4 and 23
      • Rubato is used in the recording so flexible tempo for expressive effect
      • repeated quavers are a unifying rhythmic feature throughout this piece
    • Melody
      • lyrical, decorated with ornaments e.g acciaccatura in bar 4 and a turn in bar 11
      • in section B the melody is in the bass line with a narrower range and longer notes
    • Texture
      • Homophonic texture apart from 2 bars at the end which are monophonic
    • Tonality and harmony
      • Db major, diatonic harmonies with the occasional chromaticism
      • modulates to the enharmonic tonic minor, sections A & B both end in imperfect cadences but whole piece ends in a perfect cadence
      • dominant pedal can be heard throughout most of the piece


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